Dr. Thair Al-Dujaili



Consultant General Surgeon  ​


Allurion weight loss balloon Pill 

  • The weight loss balloon pill is a revolutionary non-invasive weight loss procedure

Abdominal wall & Hernias 

  • Issues with abdominal pain and bulging or localized swelling with weakened abdominal muscles

Intestine and Colon Surgery

Colon & Rectum Cancer

Diverticular Disease

Small Bowel Surgery

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy

  • Gastroscopy 

  • Colonoscopy

  • Balloon Oseophageal Dilatation

  • Endoscopic lesions resection

  • Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal

Hemorrhoids & Anal Surgery 

  • Hemorrhoidectomy

  • Fissurectomy

  • Fistulectomy

  • Pilonidal Sinus Surgery

  • Bleeding Per Rectum

Weight Loss Surgery 

  • Surgery on the stomach and/or intestines to help a person with extreme obesity lose weight

Glands & Breast Surgery


Breast Lumpectomy

Sentinel Node Biopsy

Axillary Clearance Surgery

Lumps and Bumps 

  • Skin ulcers

  • Skin Lesions

  • Skin lumps

  • Varicose Viens

Liver and Gallbladder

  • GallBladder Surgery

  • Bile Ducts Surgery

  • Liver Surgery

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